Aggressions in the Royal Port

Aggressions in the Royal Port

The incidents at the end of the Primera Andaluza derby between Puerto Real and Racing Portuense, at the end of which several visiting footballers were attacked, continue to generate controversy and not only because of the unfortunate images that were seen on the pitch of the Virgen del Carmen. Also due to the fact that the referee and one of the linesmen, both brothers, reside in the city of the team that played at home last Sunday.

Francisco José López Hermoso, the main referee, and his brother Daniel, one of his linesmen in Sunday’s derby, reside in Puerto Real, as can be seen on their social profiles. A situation that is less atypical because it is not usual for a judge to direct the team from his city. Sources from Racing Portuense have shown their strangeness to this newspaper when they were consulted about that “relationship” of neighborhood. As ABC has reported, during the match it was striking that several players from the local club were next to the bench who could not play the duel because they were sanctioned, a situation that the referee did not prevent.

According to federative regulations, any person who is not registered in the minutes, who has not presented their license for a match, cannot be in the bench area and must sit in the stands, like any other spectator. In it Portuense Racing They do not understand that the referee will allow Adrián P., who was accompanied by other teammates, to sit next to his team’s bench. A footballer dressed in street clothes who, as can be seen in several images, had an important participation in the incidents on Sunday.

Expulsion from the club

The incidents caused Puerto Real to expel a member of their squad almost suddenly, who brutally kicked the visitor José Zambrano in the chest and another three when he had already fallen to the ground.

Zambrano, however, was not the only Racing Portuense player to be hit. Borja’s eye and nose were blown out, a witness to the incidents on Sunday explained to this newspaper. The historic club from Cádiz publicly praised the reaction of Puerto Real by expelling from the club almost suddenly one of the players who participated in the attacks.


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