Agori Manikandan married the girl || Agori Manikandan who married a woman in the presence of Guru …!

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Agori Manikandan married a woman named Priyanka in the presence of her guru in Trichy.

Record: November 21, 2021 19:31


Manikandan hails from Ariyamangalam in Trichy district. He was trained in Kashi and has been worshiping the idol of Jai Agorakali in the area.

Priyanka, a woman from Kolkata who had received Agori training from him, was married to Agori Kolam this morning in the presence of her guru Madurai Balsamy.

During the wedding the fellow Agoris played the tamara drum, raised the sangoli and chanted Hara Hara Mahadeva.

It is noteworthy that in the year 2018 in Trichy, sitting on the body of the mother and performing pooja caused a stir in the area.

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