Agreement in the Center-right, in Rome Michetti-Matone ticket – An hour and a half of the summit to give the final go-ahead for the Michetti-Matone ticket in Rome but postpone the choice of candidates for administrative offices in Milan and Bologna to next Wednesday. For the regional teams in Calabria, the choice would have definitely fallen on the forerunner Roberto Occhiuto but the announcement will be made on Saturday. “It went well, we are happy and happy. On Friday we present the team on Rome”, said Matteo Salvini. “There has been full harmony, the center-right has chosen Enrico Michetti as candidate for mayor for Roma Capitale, in ticket with Simonetta Matone who will be prosecutor”, or deputy, specified the Northern League secretary. “Paolo Damilano is the mayoral candidate in Turin. We have reconvened for next Wednesday, we will close on Milan and Bologna “, he explained.

Giorgia Meloni is satisfied, who for days had been pushing for Professor Michetti’s candidacy at the Capitol while in favor of the former prosecutor Matone, known for his participation as a columnist in ‘Porta a porta’, Forza Italia and the League had lined up. Michetti and Matone “are two extraordinary professionals, with extraordinary curriculum” but “also capable of talking to citizens”, commented the president of FdI. “We have made great strides: the center-right is compact and works to win,” Meloni guaranteed. “Today we decided to unblock the candidacy for mayor of Rome with two extraordinary professionals whom we thank for making themselves available to the capital: Michetti and Matone, two extraordinary people, with a very respectable curriculum. I look forward to seeing them in the electoral campaign and together with all in coalition to go to all the districts of the capital so that all the Romans become aware of their competence “. “We will reborn Rome after the Virginia Raggi disaster – he assured -. The Romans have experienced firsthand the inconsistency of candidates who make a good impression in the election campaign but do not know what they are talking about. Michetti and Matone are two of the most competent professionals in administrative and legal matters. People who know how to talk to citizens. I’m happy “, she concluded.

“I spoke to Simonetta Matone personally and she makes herself available to the team”, Salvini then guaranteed. “We have also given the green light to the civic candidacy of a talented entrepreneur like Paolo Damilano in Turin, the closure of the Calabria Region will soon arrive, where we aim not to win but to overwhelm also in the name of Jole Santelli. the civic proposal that is under construction in Naples with Catello Maresca, which we reserve the right to meet, as regards Milan and Bologna some of the candidates who have made themselves available are resolving some issues related to business and family. the closure of all 1,300 candidates for mayors of the cities that will go to the vote, unlike the Pd and M5s which are divided in Rome and half of Italy and where they fight the primaries, as promised I have the honor of leading a coalition like that of center-right that will have unified candidacies and competitive and winning teams. We have had a few more meetings, but all is well that ends well “.

“We are working on Milan. Today we closed Rome, Turin and Calabria. On Saturday we will announce the presidential candidate for the Region”, guaranteed the national coordinator of FI Antonio Tajani. “We have in Rome a candidate for mayor and a candidate for mayor with an extraordinary curriculum. We support a civic candidate in Turin. We have maintained the commitment of civic candidates”. “The Michetti-Matone ticket is the best possible solution to widen the boundaries of the center-right and to win in Rome, “Tajani added. “We will fight the battle to change this city together. We saw what happened yesterday with the bad weather. I repeat that the center-right must be united, while the center-left has three different candidates.” Asked if the president of the Capitoline Assembly, Marcello De Vito, who recently joined Forza Italia, could be an element of the center-right team on Rome, Tajani clarified: “He will be a candidate on the Forza Italia list”. Finally, at the end of the summit Vittorio Sgarbi, announced that, following the agreement, he will withdraw his candidacy at the Capitol.



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