Agreement to implement fiber and 5G throughout the Italian network

Agreement to implement fiber and 5G throughout the Italian network

2023-05-27 00:00:00

It guarantees connectivity through the new generation ultra-fast network routes, both in fiber optics and in 5G.

The Italian Railways Group, FS, the Italian Ministries of Transport Infrastructure and Business and Made in Italy, and the Technological Innovation Skills Council, have signed a three-year agreement to improve the digitization of the entire rail network in the country.


The agreement provides for the laying of fiber optics for public use throughout the country, with priority given to high-speed sections, which will favor the development of new generation fixed and mobile communications networks in areas adjacent to the rail network, especially those affected by connectivity problems that have caused depopulation and economic and social problems.

The agreement favors the co-financing of the Department of Digital Transformation of the Presidency of the Government for a maximum of 550 million euros that will allow the F Group to achieve the connectivity objectives set out in the Industrial Plan for ten years, (see news) and, specifically, comply with the provisions on new technologies, ( see news)

Currently, the Italian Railways, FS, has already completed the 4G connectivity plan on the entire Milan-Florence high-speed line, and they are moving forward to extend it to connections with Rome, Naples, Turin, Milan, Bologna and Venice in 2023.

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