Ahmed Tibi’s appointment as deputy speaker of the Knesset was blocked again, and he was furious: “Go to hell”

The regulatory committee of the Knesset, headed by MK Yoav Kish (Likud), has chosen four temporary deputies to the speaker of the Knesset, who will serve in the position until the swearing in of the government, at which time permanent deputy speakers are expected to be elected, alongside the permanent speaker whose identity has not yet been decided. As Ahmed Tibi held the position of vice-chairman regularly in the last congresses, he was not appointed this time, and voted against in the vote on the identity of the vice-chairmen. In the Yesh Atid faction, they opposed every proposal, and want control over the appointment of the vice-chairmen in the opposition to be with them.

As part of the deal made by the Likud and the state camp that bypassed Yesh Atid, against the background of the conflicts between the opposition parties, MK Ofir Katz (Likud), MK Yaakov Margi (Shas), MK Yaakov Tesler ( Torah Judaism) at the expense of the Likud, and MK Matan Kahana (the state camp). The tenure of some of the temporary deputies may end with the appointments of permanent deputies to the speaker of the Knesset, but it is possible that some of those appointed temporarily will become permanent appointments.

As mentioned, although Ahmed Tibi was not appointed vice-chairman, due to the opposition of “religious Zionism” and Otzma Yehudit, and voted against the proposal, with the background of the conclusions reached by his party with the Likud, and he is expected to receive other permutations. Tibi himself said in the debate that his party is not at all interested in the position Right now: “We don’t want a temporary vice chairman. We give up. We are interested in two members of the finance committee. Everything else is false spin.”

But the saga did not end there. The proposal to appoint the temporary deputies was approved with the support of nine MKs, against the opposition of seven, including MK Ahmed Tibi. In preparation for the appointment of the permanent deputies after the swearing in of the government, Likud proposed to increase the presidency of the Knesset, in such a way that each faction would be given a deputy chairman, so that the appointment of Tibi, which is now blocked due to the insistence of “religious Zionism”, would not be hindered, where they made it clear that they would not support his candidacy at any stage in the future.

During the charged debate, Tibi was furious with the people of Yesh Atid after his position as Deputy Speaker of the Knesset was in jeopardy and exclaimed: “My answer – “Go to hell”, and to the center of the opposition MK Beaz Toporovsky said: “Be a little more modest when you turn to us and talk to us “.

MK Boaz Bismut told the opposition, “You were defeated in the elections and you come here with such condescension.” Tibi responded: “They are not only condescending to you, but also to us. From today until the end of the term, I am not ready to accept an order from you.” MK Moshe Tor-Paz (Yesh Atid) who burst into his words shouted Tibi: “Shut up. You kill Arabs every day, this is the government of change. Speak to me with respect.” Tor-Paz replied to Tibi: “You have no privileges even though you are a doctor.”


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