Aiadmk Office, Jayalalitha room demolition?; Strong opposition to Edapadi! – it has been reported that some rooms in aiadmk office are being demolished and constructed according to vastu shastra

After the death of former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, there are many confusions in AIADMK. There was a difference of opinion between Edappadi Palaniswami and O. Panneerselvam who were flesh and blood.

Both of them entered the fray, targeting the post of AIADMK chief. As a result, Edappadi Palaniswami took control of the majority of AIADMK general committee members.

As a result, Edappadi Palaniswami was appointed as the Interim General Secretary of AIADMK and the resolution was passed. O. Panneerselvam and his supporters who objected to this were expelled from the party.

Edappadi buys the fuss; The next problem in AIADMK!
Shocked by this, O. Panneerselvam filed a case in the lower court. His supporters were elated at the verdict in his favour.

Against this, Edappadi Palaniswami appealed in the High Court. At the end of the investigation of this case, the decision was made that the interim general secretary will be selected.

Edappadi Palaniswami welcomed this and started trying to bring AIADMK under his control. Following this, AIADMK general secretary moved the pieces by planning to hold elections.

If this is done then the ration means; Tamil Nadu government action!
Apart from this, AIADMK members are said to be changing their identity cards in order to permanently exclude O. Panneerselvam and his supporters.

Sensing this, O. Panneerselvam has filed an appeal in the Supreme Court against the High Court verdict. An urgent order has been issued to conduct the election of AIADMK General Secretary till the investigation of this case is over.

In this case, Edappadi’s silent work has caused anger among AIADMK activists. In other words, some astrologers have recited in the ear that all the failures of Edappadi Palaniswami are due to improper Vastu in the AIADMK office.

P. Chidambaram’s post as Chief Minister; Game on again!
Shocked by this, Edappadi Palaniswami is demolishing some rooms including Jayalalitha’s room in the AIADMK office according to his zodiac sign.

AIADMK workers are fuming as Edappadi Palaniswami is reportedly renovating the office of former chief minister Jayalalithaa, which was designed according to her zodiac sign.


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