aiadmk vs bjp: BJP support: AIADMK riots – problem for OBS, EPS! – sellur raju critics bjp after ponnaiyan problem for eps and ops

aiadmk vs bjp: BJP support: AIADMK riots – problem for OBS, EPS!  – sellur raju critics bjp after ponnaiyan problem for eps and ops
The BJP has been in the AIADMK alliance since Jayalalithaa’s demise. Both parties claim that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) will continue despite the BJP standing alone in the urban local elections. Whenever criticism arose that the BJP was trying to gain a foothold in Tamil Nadu through the AIADMK, the AIADMK claimed that it was friendly with the party in the interest of the state.

Meanwhile, after the close of the assembly elections, senior party leaders began to openly speak of the alliance with the BJP as the cause of the defeat. With these things at a standstill, AIADMK second tier leaders have now begun to harass the BJP again.

The talks by the AIADMK’s second tier leaders have caused a stir, with the BJP being accused of being a stronger party than the AIADMK and the BJP failing to do so as an opposition party.

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Former AIADMK minister Ponnaiyan recently said in a training session for the BJP that the BJP was trying to grow in Tamil Nadu by destroying the AIADMK. While this was controversial, the supremacists shut their mouths that it was his own opinion. Meanwhile, the party says it has stepped up investigations into how the issue he spoke about in the training camp leaked out.

In this context, former minister Cellur Raju, who met reporters at the party office in the Goripalayam area of ​​Madurai, slammed the BJP and Annamalai. Speaking at the time, he said, “Annamalai is doing politics to develop the BJP. Just as L. Murugan got the post of Governor and Union Minister got the post of Union Minister, so Annamalai is doing something political in the hope that he will get some post. Crowd mobilization is not all that big of a deal. Kaka meeting for BJP; A meeting of the AIADMK is a policy meeting. ” said.

Cellur Raju continued, “AIADMK is ready to stand alone in the coming elections. OBS and EPS are ready to say no to alliance with anyone. Tomorrow can be considered as an election. All parties will compete separately. AIADMK is ready for it; Are the other parties ready? ” That raised the question.

“This is not my own opinion, it is the opinion of the AIADMK. Has VP Thuraisamy come to criticize the AIADMK? If anyone throws trumpets at us, we will throw a pillar in return, ”Cellur Raju said angrily. When Ponnaiyan spoke, it was his own opinion that the AIADMK leadership had easily passed it on. However, it is being speculated on how the party leadership is going to deal with Cellur Raju’s assertion that this is the opinion of the AIADMK.

Also, political observers are raising the question of how the OBS EPS is going to deal with the opposition to the BJP. With the AIADMK General Committee still in place, the second phase leaders have begun to openly express dissatisfaction with the leadership, which has caused problems for the party’s dual leadership.


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