Aichach-Friedberg: Corona incidence in Aichach-Friedberg increases to 194.8

After the corona incidence in the Aichach-Friedberg district had fallen for a long time, it rose again over the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The corona incidence in the Aichach-Friedberg district is rising loudly Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on Monday to 194.8. Even if the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) further points out that the corona incidence may not correspond to the current infection rate due to the holidays. Most recently it had steadily dropped to 135.5 on December 29th.

Nationwide, the incidence has risen for the fifth day in a row. On Monday, the RKI reported a value of 232.4. In Bavaria, the incidence is 191.0 new infections in the past seven days per 100,000 inhabitants.

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