Aidsfonds launches fake health insurance to draw attention to exclusion of care for HIV patients

This new health insurance would select their customers to make a difference in price and quality. This way you would not pay a high premium for the care of others. You also pass on your sexual orientation, gender and orientation. Mark Vermeulen, director of the Aidsfonds, responds to the advertisement of this fake health insurance: “The intention was to frighten people. In the Netherlands we do not exclude anyone, everyone is entitled to basic health insurance regardless of who you are. That is a great asset that we are also very happy with,” says Mark.

Exclusion from care

Mark explains that the problem mainly lies with the rest of the world: “What we see is that many people worldwide are being excluded from care. So many people with HIV are also excluded because of who they are, where they live and who they love. With this action we kick off our campaign towards World AIDS Day and draw attention to the fact that millions of people living with HIV are being excluded from care. Things are well organized in the Netherlands, but we still have a lot to do worldwide.”

At the moment there is still an AIDS epidemic in the world. “We have been working with AIDS for forty years. I live with HIV myself, which means that I take one pill a day and can lead a healthy life just like someone who is not infected,” explains Mark. According to him, the problem really lies with the countries themselves: “It is not the price of the medicines, not the accessibility of them, but really the fact that people are not allowed to be who they want to be and therefore contract HIV.”

Listen to the entire conversation below in which Mark talks about how the rest of the world deals with HIV.


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