Ail, the ‘Dreaming Ithaca’ velatherapy for haematological patients takes off

Ail, the ‘Dreaming Ithaca’ velatherapy for haematological patients takes off

2023-06-09 10:44:02

On the occasion of the National Day for the fight against leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma, ‘Sognando Itaca’ is once again unfurling the sails, an initiative which, born as a psychological rehabilitation activity for hematological patients through the practice of sailing, this year expands the its horizons by opening up to many other activities aimed at psycho-social rehabilitation. The project, promoted by the Italian Association for the fight against leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma (Ail) is dedicated, in this edition, to the theme ‘Environment and health’, which links the patient’s lifestyle and food choices to psychosocial rehabilitation.

The route scheduled from 10 to 23 June along the Adriatic includes, among the activities scheduled in 9 ports, in addition to sailing therapy, art therapy, music therapy, gentle gymnastics. Furthermore, other initiatives are planned throughout the national territory with ‘Sognando Itaca 2.0’: psycho-social rehabilitation activities are in fact organized in the various territorial sections of the Ail, with the sole objective of being at the side of the haematological patient to reduce the psychological impact of the disease.

‘Dreaming Ithaca’ – explains a note – is a reminder that onco-haematological patients find themselves, like Ulysses, facing an open sea, unknown and full of pitfalls. Thanks to the experience of ‘Sognando Itaca’ they discover new territories, relationships, solidarity and resources that help them to better face the path of the disease and to improve their quality of life. Specifically, an Ail sailboat travels along the Adriatic coast, stopping in 9 Italian cities. An Ithaca Day takes place in each port: a day during which the crew, made up of patients, doctors, nurses, psychologists and professional skippers live a unique experience together, away from healthcare facilities and in a context of absolute reciprocity. The route in the Adriatic foresees the stages of: Trieste, 10th June, Venice on 12th, then Ravenna on 14th June and Rimini on 15th, the following day Pesaro, then Ancona on 17th and on 19th June to arrive in Barletta (BAT ) on the 21st and, finally, in Brindisi on the 23rd of June. Information and insights on

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