Aims Hospital, Madurai Aims Hospital What is the real situation..? – People’s Justice Center Question..! – makkal neethi maiyam questions about madurai aims hospital construction

People’s Justice Center has questioned whether the central government will come forward to explain the truth about Madurai AIIMS hospital.

Recently, BJP National President Natta, when he came to Tamil Nadu, said that “Madurai AIIMS Hospital construction work is 95% complete”. It was heavily criticized. Criticizing this, various political party leaders expressed their opinions.

Natta’s speech was also heavily debated on the internet. Madurai Member of Parliament S.Venkatesan went to the site where the AIIMS hospital is to be built and shared it on social media pages holding a banner saying that the hospital is missing.

Following this, the People’s Justice Center has issued a statement on its Twitter page regarding the Madurai AIIMS hospital issue. In a statement released in this regard
“In 2019, Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation stone for the construction of AIIMS Hospital in Madurai.
After three years, no construction work has started except for the road and perimeter wall.

It is said that the preliminary planning work has reached its final stage and the allocation of funds has not been fully made available. In this matter, the central government should come forward to explain the true situation to the people of Tamil Nadu.

Central government should publish information about which works are fully completed and which works are pending. The name of AIIMS, which is claimed to be BJP’s achievement, is full of legends. Therefore, after clarifying the actual status of the project,

Manima insists that the hospital should be put to use by getting proper allocation of funds, the construction work should be completed quickly,” People’s Justice Center said.


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