Air communication with Kazakhstan, practically interrupted due to pogroms in a number of cities of the republic, is gradually being restored. Flights between the Kazakh capital Nur-Sultan (formerly – Astana) and Moscow have been operated by the national Kazakh carrier Air Astana since January 7, and Aeroflot will launch them since January 10, Vedomosti found out.

“Since the announcement of the state of emergency in Kazakhstan, Air Astana has operated two regular flights from Nur-Sultan to Moscow on January 7 and 8. Another flight is scheduled for the evening of January 9, “a representative of the airline told Vedomosti on Sunday. On January 10, Air Astana approved a flight to Domodedovo at 10 am and a return flight to Nur-Sultan at 11.50. On January 9, a plane from Nur-Sultan of the Kazakh airline SCAT Airlines flew to Vnukovo with a slight delay. The low-cost airline Fly Arystan flew from the capital of Kazakhstan to Novosibirsk in the morning of January 9, and Qazaq Air flights to Novosibirsk, Omsk and Kazan are planned on January 9-10.


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