Air Italy dismisses 1363 employees

Collective layoffs for 1363 Air Italy employees. This was announced yesterday by the airline in liquidation which, it writes, “finds itself in the need to proceed with a collective reduction of personnel concerning all permanent employees of the Company, 1383 of which 6 executives, reporting to the offices, offices and bases, located at the airports of Olbia, Malpensa, Linate, Rome Fiumicino, Florence and Naples, at the end of the extraordinary salary integration period “and this” due to the definitive cessation of any and all activities carried out by the company, of which it is the liquidation has already been approved for some time “.

The reasons for the excess, Air Italy informs in a letter sent to the unions viewed by, “are the definitive cessation of all business activities carried out by the company, in liquidation since February 11, 2020, as well as the imminent termination of the period of use of the extraordinary redundancy fund, which will expire on June 30, 2021 “.” In particular, the extraordinary meeting was held on February 11, 2020 of the Company during which the financial situation of the same was illustrated. From the accounting statements as at 30 November 2019, an overall loss of 356,748,123 euros emerged, which was added to a negative reserve of 841,787 euros, against reserves for a total of 263,940,554.89 euros and the subscribed and paid-up share capital for € 133,913.25. The company therefore found itself in one of the cases envisaged by Article 2447 of the Italian Civil Code as the share capital fell below the legal minimum and the sole shareholder Aqa Holding SpA decided not to reconstitute it “.

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This situation led to the occurrence of the cause for the dissolution of the company which was placed in liquidation with the appointment of two liquidators. Following and as an effect of the liquidation, with a letter dated February 27, 2020, sent on March 3, 2020, Air Italy launched a collective dismissal procedure concerning all permanent employees, including executives. The collective dismissal procedure ended – after a suspension period of 5 months, imposed by the legislative measures issued in consideration of the epidemiological emergency linked to Covid 19 – with the signing of a trade union agreement, which provided that at the end of the period of use of the extraordinary wage supplement, in the meantime made available to companies operating in the air transport sector, the dismissal of all remaining employees would have been ordered.

Specifically, the extraordinary salary integration treatment in favor of companies operating in the aviation sector, which ceased production activity during 2020, was requested and obtained by the company for 10 months (maximum period available) with effect from 1 September 2020 and expires on 30 June 2021.

In the period between the liquidation and today’s date, the company still reports, the company activity has completely ceased and all the aircraft in the fleet have been grounded and returned to the Lessors (the last two B737-8 Max Eigfy aircraft and B737-8 Max EI-Gdk, due to engine repair delays, will be returned in May 2021).

The company is completing the residual activities related to the liquidation, concluding, among other things, the sale of the movable property, both part of the maintenance sector, and part of the goods related to on-board services (for example, materials for the maintenance, equipment, consumables, blankets, pillows, trolleys, etc.), an operation which is expected to end by 30 June 2021. In the period between the liquidation and today’s date, about 110 resolutions and terminations of the employment relationship.

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“Therefore, at the end of the period of use of the wage supplement treatment (June 30, 2021), the company will inevitably find itself in a situation of employment surplus concerning all the residual employees still in force at that date, all of which, as mentioned, were redundant, considered the definitive cessation of all business activities “concludes the company.

We cannot accept that the havoc produced by the shareholders of Air Italy, at the time denounced by us in the most total indifference of the institutions, be paid by the workers ”. “The liquidators of the company should stop immediately, stop the layoffs and call a meeting to activate the wages fund in derogation with the causal covid, an instrument made available by the Italian welfare system to contain the effects of the dramatic crisis in progress in the country without entailing charges for the company ”, state the national secretariats of the Transport Federations.

“We immediately asked – continue Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Ugl Transport Air – a meeting at the Ministry of Economic Development to identify industrial solutions to guarantee a future for Air Italy workers in support of the dispute and to represent directly to the The gravity and urgency of the situation in which the workers find themselves. We have also organized a demonstration for April 14 at the Mise to denounce the unsustainable crisis for the sector which is having dramatic consequences on airlines ”.

“The Lombardy and Sardinia regions, territories on which the impact of decisions on the company falls predominantly – ask the trade unions – must keep the commitments undertaken and participate in the identification of adequate industrial solutions. We will not abandon the workers of Air Italy and neither must the local and national institutions ”.

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