Airbnb is launching a wacky architecture competition

While the Airbnb housing rental platform is increasingly criticized for its role in soaring real estate prices and the shortage of goods, the firm is increasing its initiatives to enrich its offer. It is launching, until July 22, a competition which will reward the 100 best “wacky architectural concepts” to be offered for rental, reports the American information site Quartz.

Winners will be awarded a $100,000 grant for construction or renovation work. On the page dedicated to the competition, Airbnb specifies that it will reward originality, the feasibility of the project and respect for the environment.

Imagine yourself sleeping in a spaceship, or working remotely in a giant potato”lance Quartz. Because some of these unusual accommodations are already the subject of a specific category on the platform. In this section soberly baptized “OMG” (“Oh my God”), users can book a cottage in the shape of a potato in Idaho or even a house in the shape of a boot in the New Zealand countryside.

Airbnb explains that its 10 million dollar project is intended to satisfy tourists’ appetite for rentals of unusual vacation spots. At a time when people are looking for ‘Instagrammable’ experiences, the company has indeed found that it’s the most amazing accommodations that tend to generate the most interest, and the most revenue for hosts.”

According to the media, this craze for “wacky accommodations” is in line with the company’s strategy to provide experiences “unique” rent. “In 2017, the company financed the construction of an amazing all-cedar frame house to showcase the neglected small rural towns of Japan. She also contributed to reviving an Italian ruin from the 13th century.e century to make it a design destination.”


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