Airport on the Canary island of Palma reopens

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The airport on the island of Palma, where the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano occurred, has resumed operations. This was reported by the operator Aena in Twitter.

“Palma Airport is resuming its activities. Cleaning work continues in the territories that are still closed, ”the message says. At the same time, passengers who are going to fly to the island are recommended to clarify the status of their flight.

On September 19, Aena asked airlines to refrain from flying to the three Canary Islands. The eruption on the Cumbre Vieja volcanic ridge near the settlement of El Paso began on September 19, about 1.7 thousand people were evacuated, including 500 tourists. Because of this, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez postponed his trip to the United States and headed to the Canary Islands.


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