Airtel, Jio price increase.. Now you have to remove the 2nd SIM card!

First Published Nov 27, 2022, 8:18 AM IST

There are four networks in India namely Jio, Airtel, Vodafone Idea and BSNL. Among these only Jio and Airtel are ahead. Most of the people who have a dual SIM card have either Airtel or Jio as one SIM in it.

In this situation, the price of mobile recharge plans is also going to increase due to the economic crisis. We are at the end of November. Airtel has already implemented tariff hike in Ariana and Odisha. There, the minimum recharge fee was Rs 99, but now it has been increased to Rs 155.

That means if your SIM 1 (primary) is Jio and you are recharging it, you will have to pay Rs 155 every month to keep SIM 2 activated. In the current economic climate, it is difficult to spend Rs 155 just to keep it active.

In future, users will abandon their second SIM cards as the cost of keeping them active will increase. For example, for someone to have Airtel as their second SIM, earlier Rs. 99, now they will spend Rs. 155 to spend and its validity is also low.

Airtel, Jio 5G services in addition to implementation in some cities!

Earlier users on prepaid plans would not have seen such a price hike. Even last time there was only 20% to 25% increase. But now there has been an exorbitant price hike.

Both Airtel and Jio are currently busy rolling out 5G services. When it comes to recharge plans for 5G services, the price hike is likely to be even higher. Those who have two SIMs will have to pay more.

So far, no 5G recharge plans have been officially announced. It has been said that users can enjoy 5G service at the same 4G service charges.

Last Updated Nov 27, 2022, 8:18 AM IST


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