Airtel revises base tariff plan for prepaid customers | Rise in fees for Airtel prepaid plans

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Mobile service provider Bharti Airtel has announced a change in tariff rates for prepaid plans. Airtel has raised tariffs on prepaid plans by 25 per cent. The new tariffs announced by Airtel will come into effect from November 26.

Airtel has shocked its customers with inflation. Airtel has increased the price of its Prepaid Plans. Accordingly the company has increased the fee by 25%. Earlier in July, the company also increased the price of the postpaid plan.

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Currently Airtel’s 28 day prepaid plan starts at Rs. That is, a 25% increase in this plan. The company scrapped the Rs 49 plan in July. However, this plan does not provide SMS.

If you also want an SMS service, you have to spend Rs 179 instead of Rs 149. Accordingly 20% has been raised in this scheme. Similarly, the Rs 219 plan has now been increased to Rs 265, adding 1GB of data.

Similarly, the price of Airtel’s popular Rs 598 plan has also been increased. This plan comes with 84 days validity. It offers 1.5 GB of data for daily users. Now you have to spend Rs.719 for this project. There has been a 20% increase in fees for data top-ups and other plans.

The new price of these prepaid plans will come into effect from November 26. Reliance Jio and Vodafone have not yet announced price increases. However, it is hoped that these companies will soon increase the cost of their prepaid plans.

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