Ajinomoto Genexine Cellist (CELLiST) releases new cell culture medium ‘AminoSupplement Cys1/Cys2’

Ajinomoto Genexine Cellist (CELLiST) releases new cell culture medium ‘AminoSupplement Cys1/Cys2’
Target single and double sanction badge users
Expected effect of covering various types of cell culture media

Ajinomoto Genexine’s cell culture medium brand CELLiST announced that it has released a new product, ‘AminoSupplement Cys1/Cys2’.

Cellist plans to organize and supply a product lineup that can cover various types of cell culture media by dividing them into two types, AminoSupplement Cys1 and Cys2 in powder form. Each product is characterized by suppressing the formation and precipitation of cystine and improving the aggregation of Cys components in the medium to maximize protein production.

AminoSupplement Cys1 is divided into two package types: 1L aluminum pouch (6.61g) and 50L plastic round tube (331g), and is supplied to ‘single material medium users’. AminoSupplement Cys2 is a 1L aluminum pouch (17.0g) and a 25L plastic circular cylinder (425g) type, targeting ‘double preparation badge users’ as its main target.

The safety of this new product is secured with a chemical cell culture medium that does not contain animal-derived substances. L-glutamine component, sodium bicarbonate, and poloxamer are excluded, and the glycan profile and charge variant are not affected, so there is no concern about deformation during cell culture.

An official said, “In particular, ‘AminoSupplement Cys2’ can be expected to reduce costs by maximizing stability. While typical dual formulation media require two tanks to compensate for instability, Cys 2 can be cultured in only one tank due to improved stability, which leads to a reduction in operating costs.”

“AminoSupplement Cys1/Cys2 is a medium supplement for cell culture experiments. It is possible to secure reliability and consistency in cell culture and research results through titer improvement, which can significantly reduce the time and cost required for cell culture.”

Meanwhile, Ajinomoto Genexine was established in 2012 as a joint venture between global company Ajinomoto and domestic bio venture Genexine. By producing cell culture media through Cellist, a cell culture media brand, it succeeded in localizing cell culture media, which had been entirely dependent on imports.

Reporter Jeonghwan Kim [email protected]

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