Ajith’s strength release date || Ajith’s strength release date

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Ajith’s strength release date has been announced by the film’s producer Ponikapur.

Record: November 25, 2021 11:47

Ajith Kumar’s strength in Vinod’s shooting is over and technical work is going on. Ajith’s fans demanded the Prime Minister, political leaders and sportspersons to release information about the film and Ajith advised them to control it.

Producer Ponikapur has announced that Vali will be released in anticipation of its release with Rajinikanth’s Annatha during the Deepavali festival and will be released in January for the Pongal festival. But did not release the date.

It has been reported that the crew is planning to bring the movie to the screen a few days before Pongal and the release date will be announced soon. The film will be sent to the audit committee next month. Ajith Kumar becomes a police officer in the movie Valimai. Kuoma Kuroshi plays the heroine.

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