Akansha Dubey: Murder for money: Actress Akansha’s mother complains about boyfriend, brother

Akansha Dubey: Murder for money: Actress Akansha’s mother complains about boyfriend, brother
Akansha Dubey suicide: After Akansha Dubey committed suicide, her mother has filed a complaint against singer Samar Singh.

Akansha Dubey

Akansha Dubey, who was acting in Bhojpuri films, went to Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh for shooting. He committed suicide by hanging himself in the hotel room where he was staying. Akansha Dubey, who started acting at the age of 17, committed suicide at the age of 25, leaving the film industry and fans shocked. In this case, Akansha’s mother Madhu has given an interview.

Death threats

Madhu Dubey said that Bhojpuri singer Samar Singh and his brother Sanjay Singh are responsible for my daughter’s suicide. For the past three years they have not paid my daughter for the work she has done. A lot of money is due. On March 21, Samar Singh’s brother Sanjay threatened to kill Akansha. Akansha called me and said that.

family members

Family members say that Samar Singh threatened to kill Akansha for money. They further said that Samar Singh and Sanjay had planned to kill Akansha. A case has been registered against Samar Singh and Sanjay Singh in connection with Akansha’s death.


Akansha Dubey and Samar Singh were in love. On 14th February last, Akansha had made an affectionate post about Samar Singh on Instagram. In this case, Samar Singh killed Akansha for money, Amma Madhu complained.


In 2018, it was reported that Akansha was under stress and took a break from her career. In this case, Akansha’s make-up artist has said that she is not under any stress. Akansha attended a party the day before she committed suicide. They added that he was happy.


Akansha Dubey: Actress Akansha cried on Insta Live before committing suicide.

Akansha posted her dance video on Instagram before her death. And he came on Insta Live and cried with his hand over his mouth. But I don’t know why he cried. The last video of her crying on Instagram Live has gone viral.


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