Akash Kumar e Angela Melillo

The second bet dell’Island of the Famous 2021 of March 18, 2021, once again proposed the usual nomination mechanism. By virtue of the victory of the immunity test, the Burinos are safe, just as happened for the first episode. Therefore, the only ones who could be named were those belonging to the Rafinados group. Two castaways were the most voted: Akash Kumar e Angela Melillo.

The nominations and motivations

Just as happened in the first episode, even the nominations of the second episode of the Island of the Famous began the Rafinados. Here are the nominations: Drusilla nominated Akash, who returned “the favor”. Brando Giorgi nominated Drusilla, Miryea nominated Angela. Elisa Isoardi appoints Akash. The Burinos voted like this: Daniela voted Elisa, Awed voted Akash, Paul Gascoigne voted Angela Melillo, as did Vera and Gilles. Valentina Persia also voted for Elisa. Francesca and Beppe Braida voted for Angela. Overwhelming result: Angela Melillo and Akash go to televoting.

Akash asked to be named

Akash Kumar has been at the center of a number of controversies. Pressed by Tommaso Zorzi for a series of situations from his past, above all the use of different names in the course of his various experiences, the ice-eyed model rebelled: “I’m out of this trash logic, I call them talent because reality shows are trash”. Ilary Blasi then asked him if it was true that he had privately asked the castaways to vote for him, precisely to get out and go away from the island. Akash Kumar confirmed that he had lobbied for a vote. Then he turned once again to Tommaso Zorzi: Trash doesn’t belong to me. Zorzi has to drop his wings, I’m a polite boy I have a career waiting for me outside “.


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