Akash Kumar will be in the studio on the Island of the Famous after the quarrel with Zorzi and the private chats published

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Akash kumar remained atIsland of the famous for only a handful of days but he left his mark, particularly in the episode of his elimination. After having collected the result of the televoting which, by popular acclaim, awarded Angela Melillo, the model decided to return to Italy. The requests of Fariba Teherani and the presenter Ilary Blasi who, annoyed by Akash’s refusal, finally dismissed him hastily, asking him to “take his bag and return to Italy”.

The direct fire after the elimination of the famous from the island

Once he ditched the game and set, Akash released a live fire on Instagram. Fresh from a particularly eventful episode, marked by yet another confrontation with the columnist Tommaso Zorzi, the model has decided to make public a private chat with Tommaso. “You didn’t win, I won”, He had told him in an attempt to have the last word in a fight that began live. Fiery content deleted shortly after, when Akash decided to privatize his profile. Considering the clash with the columnist, the undisguised annoyance of the host, the accusations made against the program regarding the trashy contents and the direct fire following the episode, in what relationship Akash remained with the Island of the famous and, above all, in the studio once back in Italy o will desert the transmission?

Akash Kumar will be at the Island of the Famous

According to sources close to Fanpage.it, the relationship between Akash Kumar and the production ofIsland of the famous it would be serene. The model, competitor of the reality show for just a week, will be regularly in the reality studio after the mandatory quarantine which all the contestants are forced to undergo once they return from abroad. Akash, therefore, should face Tommaso Zorzi, Ilary Blasi and the Island audience in two weeks, as expected.


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