Akirov will apply on Sunday for a permit to control Clal Insurance Holdings

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Akirov Will submit an application for a control permit with Clal Insurance on Sunday. Alrov Real Estate Under his control, reports that the company’s board of directors has today unanimously decided to continue the proceedings for the purpose of obtaining a control permit in Clal. Accordingly, the company is expected to submit a permit application to the Capital Market Commissioner by Sunday.

Akirov now owns 15% of Clal Holdings, through Alrov Real Estate, which he controls (80%), and is the largest shareholder in the public company that owns all the shares in Clal Insurance Private. , By purchasing an additional 15%, he must apply for a control permit.

Now the decision whether to approve the application is in the hands of the Commissioner of the Capital Market, Insurance and Savings Dr. Moshe Barkat He will examine with tweezers all the data with which Akirov brings, including the fact that he announced that he is appointing the head of Clal to his son George. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. “

In any case, Clal Insurance fears that after receiving the control permit and purchasing the shares, Akirov will act to remove the CEO of Clal Insurance Yoram Naveh And Chief Investment Officer Yossi Dori, With them got into difficult confrontations; Naveh sent a letter to the Commissioner of the Capital Market stating that Akirov’s intervention in the company was improper and that he allegedly had to put pressure on the company’s chairman (then Danny Naveh) in order to influence investment management (Clal Alrov deal).

The workers’ committee is also concerned

As we have published, to the employees of Clal Insurance Roni Raz, Sent a letter to last weekendAlfred Akirov, Including a requirement to negotiate with the employees before obtaining a control permit in the company. In the letter, the chairman of the Clal Workers’ Committee states that without entering into negotiations, the employees will no longer be committed to industrial silence.


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