Akshay Kumar wants to act in Malayalam with Mohanlal

Actor Akshay Kumar is interested in acting in a Malayalam film with Mohanlal. Acted in a film opposite Rajinikanth in Tamil. Acted in Kannada as well. Akshay Kumar also said that he will ask Priyadarshan if he will give him a chance to act with Mohanlal in Malayalam. Akshay Kumar was answering a Malayali fan’s question during the promotion of his new movie Rakshabandhan.

The fan’s question was that you have remade many Malayalam movies in Hindi and made them super hits.

Acting in a Malayalam film is a pleasure. But the problem is that I don’t know how to speak Malayalam. I prefer to speak in my own voice. I am not interested in having someone else dub for me. I want to do a Malayalam movie. I acted opposite Rajinikanth in Tamil and also acted in Kannada. Now I have to act with Mohanlal in Malayalam. Priyadarshan will be asked if he will cast me in a film with Mohanlal. If that happens, it will be an honor,” said Akshay Kumar.


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