Al-Jaghbir calls for accelerating the disbursement of tax returns to factories

Al-Jaghbir calls for accelerating the disbursement of tax returns to factories

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Al-Jaghbir calls for accelerating the disbursement of tax returns to factories

Watan Al-Youm: The head of the Jordan and Amman Chambers of Industry, Engineer Fathi Al-Jaghbir, called for expediting the disbursement of tax refunds and export incentives to the industrial sector, in addition to solving the problem of customs duties, under the item (service allowance) on nuts, which enter as raw materials for the national nuts industry, in return for entering Imported nuts as a finished product are duty-free.
Al-Jaghbir confirmed, during a meeting with the Director General of the Income and Sales Tax Department, Hossam Abu Ali, and the Director General of the Customs Department, Eng. Jalal Al-Qudah, that the Chamber will coordinate with the two departments, to hold meetings with industrialists who wish to raise their issues directly, pointing to the importance of holding direct meetings that bring together ministers. And officials concerned with the industrial sector, to see closely the most important issues and problems facing it.
Al-Jaghbir, in a statement to the Amman Chamber of Industry today, Saturday, appreciated the decision of the joint permanent committee, between the Ministry of Investment and the Jordanian Customs Department, to consider the percentage of spoilage established in the manufacturing equations as its highest limit, and to deal with any increase over the percentage of damage determined in the equation according to the legislation of the Customs Department, which will limit Fines paid by factories as a result of the difference in damage rates between the authorized manufacturing formula and the actual reality, whether positive or negative.
In turn, the Director General of the Income and Sales Tax Department, Hussam Abu Ali, stated that the department counted, during the month of January, the audited and accumulated sales tax refunds for years, as it was found that its value amounted to 35 million dinars, of which 10 million dinars were spent during the month of February. And another 10 million dinars during the current month of March, stressing that the remaining disbursement will be completed as of next April.
Regarding the administrative value of lands, Abu Ali said that the value that was previously prepared in 9 districts was not accurate, indicating that the Land Department contracted with an external expert for the purposes of reaching a fair administrative value that preserves the right of the public treasury and the right of the citizen alike, expressing his Hopefully, it will be finalized by next April.
“Until the administrative values ​​are amended, anyone who wants to buy or sell can submit an objection request to be reconsidered by the specialized committees,” he said.
For his part, Director General of the Customs Department, Customs Brigade Jalal Al-Qudah confirmed the department’s adoption of the open-door policy with regard to industrialists’ issues, due to its firm belief that the industrial sector is one of the most important sectors supporting the national economy.
He also stressed the department’s keenness to facilitate export procedures for Jordanian products, pointing to the department’s preparation of a mechanism for making manufacturing equations, in implementation of the Cabinet’s decision not to apply them with regard to production inputs, and to facilitate industrial companies, as companies will prepare manufacturing equations, and inform the Customs Department of that only, on The department will check later.
During the meeting, the industrialists referred to a number of issues of concern to the sector, including unpaid customs data, electronic clearance, increasing the working hours of the customs office in Sahab, registering restrictions on used machines, export licenses for Dead Sea products, and tax deferral for factories inside and outside the industrial cities.


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