Al-Shehri answers • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Shehri answers • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The family doctor, Dr. Saud Al-Shehri, revealed cases in which fasting is harmful to a diabetic.

Al-Shehri said during his meeting with “SBC” channel that fasting is harmful if the diabetic fasting person suffers from kidney failure or diabetes, or he has medications that he must take at the time of fasting, and in these cases he must break his fast.

With regard to diabetics who are harmed by fasting, Al-Shehri explained if the diabetic 3 months before Ramadan had frequent depression, and the child with diabetes is often number 1, and if the patient before Ramadan had a severe rise in sugar, and the person who has diabetes Uncontrolled in readings, and sugar number 1 because it is always insulin dependent, pointing out that all these cases should be referred to the treating doctor.

Al-Shehri advised to avoid sugar and fried foods, and if desired, frying in olive oil is preferred.


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