Al-Shehri reveals an inexpensive fruit that fights cancer and treats angina

Al-Marsad newspaper: The family doctor, Dr. Saud Al-Shehri, revealed the magical benefits of pomegranate, saying: “The pomegranate is rich in iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium, and is also rich in folate, vitamin B9, vitamin C and antioxidants.”

Al-Shehri added, in a video posted on his Twitter account, “The pomegranate is excellent for supporting the beneficial bacteria and the digestive system, excellent for ulcers of the digestive system and fighting kidney stones.”

He pointed out: “The pomegranate is rich in three powerful antioxidants that fight cancer, and they found that it fights and treats skin cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer.”

He pointed out: “In an experiment conducted on 100 people, including death in part of the heart muscle and others suffering from angina pectoris, they found that drinking a glass of pomegranate juice for 5 days decreased the severity of angina and decreased its presence and decreased signs in the blood by analysis, which means that the condition improved, if He is a friend of the heart.”


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