Passion can be at least as strong as destiny, but luck does not always go hand in hand with value. The motocross champion Alberto «Wey» Zapata, 23 years old, he had distinguished himself in cross-tracks throughout Argentina for a story bordering on the unbelievable. It ended in a tragic way, but which made the name of its protagonist even bigger.

The accident on the street

In November 2020, Zapata was involved in a car accident in the south of the country while in his Chevrolet. The firefighters had managed to tear his body from the metal sheets, but the doctors had been forced to amputate his left arm to save his life. However, this tragic episode had not interrupted the career of one of the most promising talents in the country. At 22 he found himself without an arm, but no one was able to convince him to give up his competitive career. Having obtained the authorization to compete with the “able-bodied”, within four months and with a record recovery he was back on track, earning, in his first race, a standing ovation at the end of each lap. Then last March 5th had celebrated and celebrated with an Instagram post the first podium of his new professional life. “An unforgettable moment, the result of sincere dreams and a lot of work,” he described the emotions of that day. «It doesn’t matter how competitive he may now be on the circuit. I just go back to running. For me it is wonderful even so”.

The death fight on the circuit

But in the same place where he had returned to compete, the crossodromo in San Agustin, in the Argentine province of Cordoba, the driver did not know that there was a destiny waiting for him even stronger than his desire to compete. Last Sunday Zapata, right on top of a jump he could easily overcome even holding the handlebars with one arm, suddenly lost his balance and fell to the ground just as two arrived on the same point of the track. his opponents. One of the two was unable to avoid it and overwhelmed him, in a gruesome scene captured by a live video and immediately released on social networks. A fatality that this time did not allow him to save himself. In fact, the rescue intervention after the impact is useless. Sergio Uñac, governor of the province of San Juan, the place of origin of Zapata, expressed in a few words the pain that has actually affected an entire country: «We are heartbroken. The death of Alberto it is a very sad fact that we would never have wanted to see. An immense suffering for a boy who taught us so much about willpower and love for sport. He will be remembered not only as a great driver, but also as a real warrior ».

Memorable undertaking

And it is true. What Alberto Zapata did is something that however, it will remain in the history of sport. Millions of people who were not interested in motocross had understood this and yet had followed its story. Because he proved that no difficulty was unsurpassable, he was back in the saddle in record time with a bike designed especially for him, managing to do everything he did before, but without an arm. But he who had shown how love for sport could be greater than any difficulty, this time did not make it. He left like that, doing what he felt he was born for.

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