Aldo Cazzullo and Piera Degli Esposti in the second episode of “Dante Italia” –

Women are relevant figures in Dante’s poetry, even before the Comedy. But there, in the three canticles, the female presence takes on a central role

Beatrice and Pia de ‘Tolomei. Francesca and Didone. Medea and Deidamia.

Women are prominent figures in the poetry of Dante Alighieri, even before the Comedy. But it is there, in the development of the three canticles, that the female presence assumes an even more relevant role if possible as the poet ascends from Hell to Paradise where, in the final song of the opera, Dante comes to the light emanating from Mary.

In The Divine, second episode of the Dante Italia podcast, Aldo Cazzullo tells the relationship between Dante, the Comedy and women: and he does so with the actress Piera Degli Esposti.

The full series available here: find the trailer below and, here, the second episode, O Divina.

July 17, 2021 (change July 17, 2021 | 11:16)


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