Alejandro Gaviria criticized the process of the health reform

Alejandro Gaviria criticized the process of the health reform

Alejandro Gavira He has been one of the critics of the Health reform. Gustavo Petro’s former Minister of Education made harsh and revealing comments once again: this time he assured that the consensus reached between the Government and the parties for the proper processing of the law in the legislature was “false.”

“The consensus has been apparent. Built on general principles that do not address system operation. They are false consensus based on ambiguity and some grand purposes. I doubt the possibility of reaching reasonable agreements, ”Gaviria wrote on his Twitter account.

Gaviria’s opinion is a response to the complaint that the parties that sat down to talk with President Petro have been presenting. Well, the conservatives and the party of the U had agreed to add 20 changes to the text of the reform to be able to vote it positively in Congress.

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However, denounced Efrain Cepeda, leader of the conservatives, the technicians of the Health reform they have refused to introduce their proposals.

“Minister Carolina Corcho’s technicians have refused to leave in the reform project to Health what was agreed with the President”Cepeda denounced in an interview with W Radio.

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An eventual withdrawal of the conservatives and the U would leave the articles almost sunk. It is known that the Liberal party – which has 33 representatives and 13 senators – is considering the possibility of definitively withdrawing its support for this government reform.

“Convincing the Government to let us process the part in which we agree and to wait and work, for a few months, on the part in which we are not, is not going to be easy. That is why we are looking to see what we do because the system does need a little bit of certainty,” said former President César Gavirira during an event at the Universidad del Rosario.

If the consensus of which Gaviria speaks is not reached, the parties in question could venture to file, for their part, their own proposal for health reform.


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