Alert variants from Brazil: “There are too many, they risk frustrating vaccines”

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Today is the world health day, but the news coming from the front of the fight against Covid-19 they are truly alarming. In India within a few days the record of daily infections was once again exceeded: 115,736 almost, which consolidate the third place of the country among the most affected by the pandemic, after United States e Brazil.

Right in Brazil Another record was recorded: for the first time, the number of deaths exceeded the quota 4,000 in one day, for a total now close to 337,000 since the start of the pandemic.

In Brazil, over 4,000 deaths in one day and intensive care over 90% saturated, but Bolsonaro opposes the lockdown

Although the President Jair Bolsonaro you still don’t want to launch new ones lockdown, for fear of lethal repercussions on the national economy, hospitals are on the verge of collapse in various cities, with a percentage of saturation of intensive care over 90% and numerous patients who die waiting to be rescued.

The situation in Brazil is not “only” a national problem, as explained by Dr. Mighel Nicoleis to the BBC: “As long as Brazil is not under control, the entire planet cannot be said to be safe: new variations are found every week, which will certainly go beyond the border ”.

The massive spread of the variants, according to various scholars, risks jeopardizing the pandemic containment strategy, based on vaccines that may not be effective towards the changed forms of the Coronavirus.

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