Alexandra Marinina revealed the secret of writer’s survival in the 90s

“Those who wrapped a lot more in the cover of the detective survived”

“The generation passes, and the generation comes, but the detective remains forever” – such a conclusion can be made today, slightly correcting the famous biblical quote. The writer Alexandra Marinina, who recently received the Russian Detective Award in the Crime and Punishment: Detective of the Year nomination, is confident in the historical unshakability of good prose about criminals and detectives.

To the tricky question of the MK correspondent about whether Marinina aims, like Viktor Pelevin, to regularly bring out a novel that becomes the event of the year, our interlocutor answered:

— Yes, my God! I have only one task: I should not be bored when I write. Receiving an award for the third year in a row is pure chance, a gift that I probably didn’t deserve. Therefore, I am immensely grateful to the jury for their indulgence and favor.

In total, in the “Russian Detective” winners were awarded as many as twelve nominations, and in order not to list everything, we note that the jury paid attention to domestic masters and debutants, issued a special prize “For Contribution to the Development of the Genre” to Tatyana Polyakova (1959–2021) and now the living master of book action movies of the 90s, Danil Koretsky, was named the author of the year (according to the 2022 version, Tatyana Ustinova became him). And also listed bright detective comics, children’s detectives, foreign books in Russian, the best domestic and foreign films and series on the topic.

In addition to conditionally new names (Anna Orekhova, Yulia Shutova, Anna Naidenko), we saw authors in the premium lists who became original brands in the last decade of the 20th century. I even felt a little sad at the time when reading material like “The Mad Trap” was new and smelled of fresh printing ink.

– I think it’s not about brands, but about the people who carry these brands. In the 90s, a great many authors appeared who wrote in the detective genre, but those for whom the detective as such was not an end in itself “survived and survived.” Those who were in the cover of “detective” wrapped a little more. Actually, it was this “extra more” that attracted readers, because today few people are interested in who killed whom there and how he was caught. The detective story develops in the direction of the novel, blurring the usual boundaries established 150 years ago. Therefore, he will not die and will live for a very long time, ”Alexandra Marinina revealed the secret of“ survival ”in the 90s and 2000s.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28923 dated December 1, 2022

Newspaper headline:
“Those who wrapped a little more in the cover of“ detective ”survived”


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