Alexandre Lapandry attacks the Clermont club for “endangering the lives of others”

Suffering from “lifelong sequelae” after concussions, the third line of ASM is forced to hang up his crampons at 33 years old. L’Équipe reveal that he has filed four criminal complaints against his former club, who dismissed him on November 22.

The iconic Clermont player had not played since October 18, 2020 and yet another head shock which forced him to leave the lawn during the 37e minute of the match against Stade Français Paris. This Monday, Alexandre Lapandry (33 years old, 13 selections) announced via a long post on Instagram that he was ending his career. “I did not choose to retire, the seriousness of my injury obliges me to do so. I am still in recovery and my sequelae will be for life“, reveals the one who was champion of France with the ASM in 2010 and 2017.

He also announces that he will “speak publicly in the next few hours”. “I can’t wait to finally be able to express myself and I’m sorry for my silence with you for two years now. I wanted to prioritize my health and protect the club and my teammates.Club whose colors he wore during the fifteen years of his career.

If he affirms in his long message to have hadthe chance to play more than 260 matches at the highest level with my favorite club, and to represent my country with the French youth teams (captain of the under-20s) and with the XV of Franceand recalls that, “despite many requests, (he has) always been faithful and loyal to ASM, this club that I love“, according to L’Équipe, Alexandre Lapandry’s lawyer would have filed on November 30 – a few days after his dismissal by the Auvergne club – four criminal complaints against X before the public prosecutor of Clermont-Ferrand.

These complaints target his former club for “endangering the life of others and unintentional injuries» ; « acts of psychological violence and harassment» ; «forgery and use of forgery» et «breach of the employer’s duty of safety“. The Team, which contacted the player’s lawyer, Me Jean-Hubert Portejoie, explains that he intends to denounce the absence of extensive brain examinations despite post-concussive symptoms and the fact of having been authorized by the medical staff to take part in contact training sessions on November 22 and December 14, 2020 while on sick leave. Two participations that put his life in danger, an MRI performed on December 30, 2020 at the request of the player revealing “left vertebral artery dissection and cerebellar stroke».

The ASM would have tried everything to push him to resign

This is the second time that ASM has been sued by a former player. In February 2019, Canadian Jamie Cudmore had already filed a complaint for “endangering the life of others“. Despite a third concussion in two weeks, he was authorized by the Clermont medical staff to return to the field during the European Cup final lost by Clermont (against Toulon, 18-24) on May 2, 2015.Of three complaints filed in France, two are directed against the same club. I don’t believe in judicial chanceconfided Me Portejoie to L’Équipe. Regarding the case of Alexandre Lapandry, it will be necessary for some to understand that the safety and integrity of the players come before the financial interests of the clubs.»

In a press release published afterwards, the ASM specified that it had not receivedofficial confirmation“As for these complaints, regretting to be”summoned to the media scene to publicly provide answers to very serious accusations of which she does not even know the content.Before, however, denying any involvement. “The ASM cannot be held liable for any reason whatsoever, not having committed the slightest fault.»

The second complaint, for acts of psychological violence and harassment “, covers the period from December 30, 2020 (date of discovery of the stroke) to November 21, 2022, date of the player’s dismissal. It directly targets the club and its president, Jean-Michel Guillon, who would have questioned the reality of some of his work stoppages and tried everything to push him to resign.

In addition, the player and his lawyer also seized the labor court of Clermont-Ferrand to dispute the amount of compensation received by Alexandre Lapandry following his dismissal as well as the degree of incapacity of the former player. A case that has not finished making a lot of noise…

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