Alfred Koch: “Putin didn’t look good” » News from Belarus – latest news for today

Alfred Koch: “Putin didn’t look good” » News from Belarus – latest news for today

2023-06-01 09:51:45

Alfred Koh. Photo: RIA Novosti

An important event was the drone raid on Moscow. Russian official reports talk about eight drones, while pro-Ukrainian sources write about thirty-two UAVs. According to the Russian version, five drones were shot down by air defense systems, and three were rejected by electronic warfare. Apparently, these deflected three drones ended up in residential buildings in the south-west of Moscow.

There are no victims. Two of the three drones that hit high-rise buildings did not explode. This attack did not bring any serious damage to Moscow and its suburbs, but the wreckage from five downed drones fell on Rublyovka. And this circumstance gave rise to a lot of sarcastic and malicious comments not only in Ukrainian publics, but even among Russians.

You don’t have to be a major expert on Russia to know how “ordinary” Russians hate the inhabitants of Rublyovka. Almost stronger than the Ukrainians. And if the inhabitants of Rublyovka become uncomfortable and scared, then ordinary Muscovites (and even more so residents of the Russian hinterland) are unable to hide their gloating. Even if this fear among the Russian elite was caused by the Ukrainians.

On this occasion, even Vladimir Solovyov made cloyingly angry cries to the gloating Russian rendeks and said that “we are one people” and that Russian people also live on Rublyovka.

Personally, I was amused a lot by Rudolfich’s expertise on the racial purity of the inhabitants of Rublyovka and, in general, concern for the national unity of the Russian ethnos. If he has already begun to worry about this, then it is quite a disaster to see unity there. Or maybe that’s good? Wait and see.

Putin spoke during the day. He was lethargic and boring. He said that this was revenge for the bombing of Kyiv. And that Russian air defense “worked normally, but there is something to work on.” And then, as if by heart, he repeated all his mantras about the fact that “we were not the first to attack”, something again about NATO and the threat, about the Washington puppeteers and the Kiev junta. Again he called on the Ukrainian people to stop supporting Zelensky, because it was he who brought the matter to war.

He did not look well, coughed all the time and could not hide some of his sadness and apathy. Putin looked like a child who wanted some kind of toy for a long time, finally they bought it for him, he played for half an hour and realized that this was not what he wanted, and that it looked more tempting in the window than it turned out during real contact …

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