Alibaba integrates ChatGPT analogue into its services – Kommersant

Alibaba integrates ChatGPT analogue into its services – Kommersant

2023-06-01 14:20:38

Today, June 1, Alibaba Cloud — the cloud computing arm of Chinese internet giant Alibaba — reported about the beginning of the integration of their own language model into the voice assistant Tongyi Tingwu. Alibaba Cloud introduced Tongyi Qianwen, its counterpart to the acclaimed ChatGPT chatbot, in April. The company said that thanks to the integration of Tongyi Tingwu, it will be able to analyze large amounts of data and issue a textual presentation of audio and video content at the request of the user.

Alibaba also said that from now on, Tongyi Tingwu is available for public testing by users. The company is going to integrate a voice assistant into the DingTalk corporate messenger. In the future, she plans to introduce new features of Tongyi Qianwen, including the translation of audio and video content from English into Chinese.

In March, another Chinese Internet corporation, Baidu, introduced its own version of the chatbot called ERNIE. In April, Chinese authorities said they were going to test the security of generative AI systems before they were released by developers. The ChatGPT chatbot itself, developed by the American company OpenAI, is banned in China.

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