Alitalia, Giorgetti: “This decisive week”

In the ongoing negotiations on ‘Ita’ with the European Commission in the name of ‘discontinuity’ with Alitalia, “I think that this will be a decisive week“. The Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti argues, during a confrontation at the political school of the League. Among other things,” the sentences on state aid to Alitalia of a world of all different from the current one. I hope that the negotiation will lead to a positive solution, the MEF is leading it “, underlines, recalling that” the Italian State has decided to put in this game, on capital increases, 3 billion of public resources which do not mean disengagement by of the state. The Italian government is committed here as elsewhere. It has to balance how to invest resources: there are many other sectors that are suffering “.

Your Alitalia “the discussion we are currently having with the European Commission, even in these days and even in these hours, it’s a very close confrontation“, said the minister.” On the part of the Government there is the will to have a competitive company that can perform its functions of tourist connection, has a perspective, and that is destined over time, with the resumption of tourist flows, to expand “, he adds. The one with Europe” is a tug of war in which everyone brings their own reasons, in the name of the principle of competition “, he stresses.

The government is not “prone” to the European Commission, Giorgetti stressed. “It is clear that if we had been open to the requests, the deal would have been closed months ago. The deal is not closed, we are not objectively in the lead, but we are trying to negotiate better in a complex situation, different from that of other companies. “, has explained. Even Prime Minister Mario Draghi “proved it. There is a concept of Europeanism that is not prone and not taken for granted. It is what we have always said too, we must have the stature and the authority to defend our interests in Europe”.

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In this scenario, “fits the theme of the other airlines, Air France and Lufthansa: they have had conspicuous state aid, but they are also sick. It is a difficult balance between national interest and the need to have a company that does not replicate the mistakes of the past: we arrived at this crisis with a bankrupt company, France and Germany no, they had structured companies “, he pointed out.

“For what concern personnel not involved in the new Ita there will clearly be a social safety nets and professional retraining plan. Ita’s perspective is to increase its range of activities. The plan of social safety nets and active labor policies is already being studied with Minister Orlando “, Giorgetti said.” As for cargo – he continues – the industrial plan of Ita under discussion, which does not particularly focus on cargo. In perspective, I think it is contemplated, but at the moment it is not the focus of the corporate mission “.


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