Alitalia, Giorgetti’s multi-option plan. At the end of the month, EU sting of 1.3 billion

The imperative on the take-off of the new Alialia-Ita, as also pointed out yesterday by the premier Mario Draghi at the press conference, is to hurry. Before the start of the summer season, a period for which the very fierce on our national market Ryanair ed Easyjet they have already equipped themselves. So Giancarlo Giorgetti, Daniele Franco and Enrico Giovannini, trident who is carrying on negotiations with the inflexible Margrethe Vestager, they have prepared an articulated document with a wide range of proposals, some alternatives, others supplementary, to convince Brussels and give the green light to the Ita operation. And on which the Italian government wants to negotiate to the bitter end with Brussels.

He writes it on Messenger, according to which Italy aims to close the file within the week, next Tuesday at the latest. A deadline indicated by Palazzo Chigi to push the Euroburocrats to decide. The document on the Brussels table (very full-bodied with slides and attached tables) is examined in these hours after the other evening Giorgetti, Franco and Giovannini, in a summit at the Mise, explains the newspaper, have further updated it by defining the last details in close coordination with the head of the Draghi Cabinet Antonio Funiciello.

Italy wants a competitive company capable of protecting national interests. Obviously in compliance with European standards but obviously not putting the future of Ita-Alitalia at risk, which, without a quick outcome of the negotiations, really risks failure. At the cash desk, The in extraordinary administration has a few million euros not enough to guarantee payments to suppliers and employees in the coming months.

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For this reason, the government has put various solutions on the five key issues on the committee’s table: slot, aviation, maintenance, handling, brand-Millemiglia program. On the first point, in agreement with the CEO Fabio Lazzerini, who also yesterday had a long conversation with the men of the Mef, we want a treatment similar to that received by AirFranche and Lufthansa.

Therefore, no to the looting of the Milan-Linate slots which, coincidentally, are coveted, just by the Germans and low cost. The EU is therefore asked to to be able to purchase Alitalia’s industrial assets or, alternatively, the possibility of renting one or more company branches in order to get the newco off the ground. There is also availability to discuss whether or not to remain in the majority in the maintenance pole or in that ofhandling.

Everything will depend on how the crux of the slots will be solved and, even more importantly, the passage of pilots and flight attendants to the new company. Negotiations on the Alitalia brand are open, conditioned by how the general negotiation will go. Lazzerini wants to leave in July with 55 aircraft and 4,500 employees. To then grow the fleet and the company based on the market trend.

Meanwhile, it is expected by the end of the month the decision of the EU Antitrust on the 1.3 billion bridging loans granted to Alitalia over the years. A conviction, according to La Stampa, which will also include the obligation to return the amount, increased by 300 thousand euros in interest. With this in mind, it is now mandatory to guarantee discontinuity to avoid Ita having to take charge of it, immediately being crushed under the weight of the legacy of the old company.

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