Alitalia, still black smoke on Ita. Rumors: towards the EU condemnation for 1.3 billion

There is still a lot of work to do on the Alitalia dossier, before a solution for the thorny question of the economic discontinuity with Ita, the newco wanted by the Italian government to ensure a future for the aviation sector of our country. After today’s meeting, the third in a month, between the Vice President of the European Commission, Margrethe Vestager, and the ministers of the economy, Daniele Franco (shareholder of Ita), Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, and to Infrastructures, Enrico Giovannini, in Brussels we are careful, according to reports from theActed some European sources, not to send the wrong message about unlikely solutions that are easy at hand and reachable in a few weeks.

“The choice of not competing weighs heavily on the various activities that he will take over Ita. From here, the problems on the company perimeter that the Commission wants to see clearly to ensure the economic discontinuity between the different segments“, explain some sources. In particular, it is added, distance is also recorded on the rocks slot, especially those of Milan where Vestager’s technicians would like Ita to give up a considerable part of the landing and take-off rights, always to mark the discontinuity with the past.

Contrary to expectations, today was anything but a decisive meeting with Brussels and the danger that the new company, surrounded by aggressive competition from Ryanair, you risk really missing the summer season and staying in limbo for a long time is more and more real.

margrethe vestager

From the Italian executive they explain that the objective reaffirmed today by the parties is to create a solid, sustainable and independent vector that can start operating as soon as possible in the sign of discontinuity. Meanwhile, the apprehension of the unions does not diminish. “We are concerned about salaries that are at risk of not being paid at the expense of 11,000 workers and their families“, thundered the national secretary of FILT CGIL, Fabrizio Cuscito, on the occasion of the demonstration of Alitalia workers at Fiumicino airport.

“We ask – said the director of Filt – an industrial plan that is not of a mini-Alitalia, but of a larger company that is sustainable from the point of view of connectivity, mobility and employment”. who made it clear last week the number one of Mise Giorgetti, the mini-company is now an established starting point.


In fact, it seems certain that the plan presented last December by president Francesco Caio and CEO Fabio Lazzerini is and will be profoundly modified: at least initially a leaner structure will be created with al maximum 45 aircraft (52 in the December version) e 4,500 employees compared to the 5,500 of the initial plan and in the face of almost 11 thousand employees in total. The surpluses will be managed with a extensive use of early retirement and social safety nets. “The Government is committed to ensuring that redundancies are reduced to a minimum”, the Minister of Labor tried to reassure the issue. Andrea Orlando.

Finally, while Brussels switched on the green light on 24.7 million euros of the 55 granted by the Ristori decree related to compensating the airline for the damage suffered on certain routes due to the coronavirus pandemic between 1 November and 31 December 2020, according to some rumors it now seems almost certain the conviction for state aid on the 900 million loans that Italy, with Carlo Calenda al Mise, he had conceded to Alitalia in 2017 and on further 400 million paid out in October 2019 by the dicastery headed then by Stefano Patuanelli. Two open proceedings for a total of 1.3 billion.


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