No to a ‘mini’ company with no logo. Faced with the hypotheses that have been circulating in the last hours of a new carrier forced to abandon its historic brand and that will have to take off with a fleet more than halved with the resulting in heavy staff cuts, comes the altolà of the unions that immediately reject a possible agreement between the government and the EU that goes in this direction. A new alarm that comes in view of days that are announced to be decisive for the complicated negotiation between Rome and Brussels and gives new life to the motivations of the demonstration announced for next April 14th on the emergency not only of Alitalia, but of all national air transport.

“An anonymous airline, of regional dimensions with a business plan with modest objectives, imposed by the Directorate-General for Competition of the European Commission, would bring Italy back 75 years and that is not to have, within the next two years, a national airline . The movements of Italians would therefore be conditioned by the commercial and interest choices of European companies ”, denounce the general secretaries of Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti Stefano Malorgio, Salvatore Pellecchia and Claudio Tarlazzi.

“If the advances were confirmed, the work of the previous governments would be canceled with a swipe of the sponge and Italy would definitively lose its share of the air transport market, defended up to now with the teeth by the workers of a company, Alitalia, in extraordinary administration for about four years. Furthermore – warn the leaders of the transport federations of Cgil, Cisl and Uil – we would, in fact, be faced with a discriminatory treatment of the European Union towards Italy “.” The German and French flag companies, in the face of of significant economic aid from the State (the Lufthansa group has collected 11 billion euros of which 9 to the parent company and Air France has received 7 billion euros against which it will have to sell only 18 slots out of the more than 300 in its possession) have required a modest sacrifice, if compared to what was requested of Alitalia, which received 1.4 billion euros “.” Ask for the departure of a new company without a name, without a logo and without planes and personnel and slots sufficient to compete in a fierce market like that of Italian and global air transport is like asking a fencing champion to go to the Olympics with his hands tied behind his back “, again highlight the trade unions that reiterate their n or to “discrimination and asymmetries” of treatment in Europe and demand that “totally and claims of the Directorate of Competition” be rejected.

If we talk about a take-off with less than 50 planes, even 45, the new company already has a destiny marked from the beginning. “In order not to waste the 3 billion available to the new Alitalia, an industrial plan suitable for the market in which it must compete is needed, for which a bonsai company would be knocked out even before starting the tender. At least 100 aircraft and an industrial plan are needed. that it strengthens cargo, given that demand has grown a lot with the pandemic, and that it positions itself on the most profitable long-haul routes ”.

“For more than a month we have been asking for an inter-ministerial discussion to get into the matter and explore all possible solutions and up to now everyone is turning a deaf ear”, the unions still remember. Alitalia, but not only. The crisis due to the pandemic, it is having dramatic consequences for the national airlines Air Italy, Norwegian, Ernest, Blue Panorama and thousands of jobs are at risk.That is why, to launch a new SOS, the appointment is next Wednesday at Mise.

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