all positives had been vaccinated a few days earlier

A small outbreak broke out in the police station in Macerata Campania (Caserta). The station was promptly sanitized and is running smoothly. All the police who tested positive had received the administration of the anti-Covid vaccine a few days before.

Macerata Campania among the most affected by the coronavirus

The municipality of Macerata Campania, 10 thousand inhabitants, is among the most affected by the coronavirus in this third wave, with 150 current positives; in practice, over 1% of residents are infected. In the rest of the Casertano the situation remains worrying, with numerous municipalities that have tens or hundreds of positives; there are 612 positives in the capital Caserta, 523 in Maddaloni 523 while in Marcianise, a municipality already in the red zone during the second wave, there are 488.

Who he mayor Antonello Velardi has ordered, with an ordinance valid from 24 March to 5 April, that bars, pastry shops and tobacconists close at 2 pm from Monday to Friday, with total closure on Saturday and Sunday, allowing the presence in every single commercial establishment open to the public at most of five people (ten for large retailers); for supermarkets and shops for the sale of basic necessities, the opening has been arranged from Monday to Friday until 6 pm and on Saturday until 5 pm, with total closure on Sunday.

Threats to the mayor of Marcianise

Velardi received criticism and threats via Facebook for this decision, receiving the solidarity of fellow mayors, including the mayor of Aversa, Alfonso Golia, according to whom “dissent towards administrative activity is sacrosanct, but when a mayor is hoped to be killed all, to beyond political affiliations, we must stop and reflect and reject this dialectic far removed from democratic confrontation ”.

The situation in the Caserta area

In province of Caserta, out of 104 municipalities, there are only eight currently “covid free”, with zero cases, and they are all located in the Matese area. To date, according to what the daily report of the ASL of Caserta certifies, the current positives in the province are 7288, 35 more than yesterday; an increase due to the difference between the new daily cases, 331, and the healed, which are 291. The positivity index remains high, 13.5% (2445 swabs performed), as well as the number of victims – five those recorded in the last 24 hours – for a total of 908 people who died due to coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic.


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