‘All that is on land is in the sea; No whales on land, no humans in the sea’ – Ecosystem Review | Sony LIV to stream Malayalam film ‘Avasa Vyuham’ Movie Review

‘All that is on land is in the sea; There are no whales on the land, but there are humans in the sea’-Avasayyuham Review One dialogue still captures the prey that rushed into the mind. Within seconds of starting the film, the thoughts in the mind will be stirred. The habitat has the magnetic power to drag on for two hours without blinking an eye. The film can be marked in the heart of Indian cinema as one of the great stories about the politics of the heartbeat of nature and man.

Director Krishanth deserves applause for reminding us that there is an inextricable bond between man and nature. The biological diversity of the Western Ghats has been presented so meticulously. The film is actually a journey in search of the roots of biology that modern man has forgotten. For that, the struggles of nature and man have been seamlessly stitched together.

Not a cheesy story-telling to pass the time. No more drama to get to the point. The magic of the ecosystem is the description of the data told with the story. It will descend into the viewer’s mind like roots that reach deep into the soil. By then, new thoughts will have spread in the heart.

The movie has stitched together the natural life in multi-layered chapters. Actually religion, politics and science are the characters here. Politics at all levels in which man is embedded is precisely what the ecosystem says. There is no doubt that it is a perfect film with jokes without drag.

The visual language is also intended for the film to accurately convey to the audience. Organized in such a way that it can be enjoyed by all types of audience.

Joy is played by Rahul Rajagopal. There are no words to express the magic of Joy as a person and in nature. He was amazing as a character with so much control. Heroine Nileen Sandra also made the life at Kayalkara unforgettable. Shins Shaan, Geethi Sangeeta, Sreenath Babu and others are also a part of the film. The camera, editing, and animation are lifelike. Technological excellence has made it possible to play a major role in capturing the audience. Cinematography by Vishnu Prabhakar and editing by Rakesh Cherumadam. Another thing worth mentioning is the music. Inextricably, Ajmal Hasbullah’s music is also beautiful. The clever lighting throughout is also commendable.

It is clear that the power of constant study and observation lies behind each character. It is not possible to see the strongly expressed politics along with the visual language that is not used to seeing it. As an audience, there is one thing that can be said firmly. Don’t approach the film with preconceived notions. There is a bait hook inside the habitat that is going to win you over.


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