All the Count’s men. From Perisic to Skriniar to Lautaro Eto’o style

A matter of a few hours, but this time Inter are playing before Juventus and Milan. If he wins at Turin, as possible and very probable, counting the troubles of the grenade added to the already clear difference in values, for the competition it becomes not hard but very hard. After all, no one has experienced an ideal week like Inter: rest after victory over Atalanta and then only work aimed at today’s match. No overtime in the Cup, no extra effort, much less toxins and elimination controversies: those arrived before Christmas, already metabolized and transformed into championship fuel.

Inter not only go, fly: 7 consecutive victories, best attack in the league, 2 goals conceded in the last 9 games, Juventus, Lazio, Milan and Atalanta beaten in the row that is worth the current escape. Above all, the centralizing figure of Antonio Conte. Called to win, he is close to succeeding, but don’t tell him yet, otherwise he’ll get worried. He wanted another Inter and he said it several times, not just last year. He was satisfied with this and molded it to his will. And so, the Lukaku totem becomes the lighthouse of the team and the mirror of an idea (25 games out of 26, 18 goals and 7 assists), but also his twin Martinez tunes in to the wave of Conte and the goals that a striker must score. (already 13) adds a work of cover and sacrifice that reminds many of Eto’o in the Inter Milan of the Triplete. Even if given the position, the comparison would be more fitting to do it with Perisic, downloaded two summers ago, resumed and held reluctantly after the Champions League win with Bayern, convinced week after week to a more worker role and now a fixed point of the leaders in escape. Like Skriniar, who did not like the 3-man defense, was not loved by Conte, he would have been sold (if someone, not just Tottenham, had bought him) and instead turned into a Scudetto asset.

Being understood and listened to, if not really loved, which is certainly not what Conte is interested in. Be followed. This is what the coach wants and this is serving Inter. And even so that Barella has become one match after another the best Italian midfielder. And Bastoni a defender from the national team, like there are few others. All the men of Conte, a Scudetto general who has won 3 times out of 3 with Juventus, 1 out of 2 with Chelsea and is about to succeed in the second attempt with Inter. It would be the fifth center out of 7, not bad. Only Vidal is missing, theoretically the most Contiano of the group and instead the only note that has remained out of tune in the choir. Who knows if after the meniscus he will also have time to realign himself to the level of his teammates.

While it emerges that Amadeus had tried to stage the Sanremo curtain between Ibra and Lukaku (no thanks, the replica of the Belgian), against Turin, he once again plays the best possible Inter, with the exception of Gagliardini, preferred to Eriksen for physical reasons.


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