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L’Archeologico inaugurates, for now online, the great international exhibition created
in collaboration with many institutions including the Colosseum Park

of Natasha Festa

All the secrets of the Gladiators. Including those told by the skeletons. The Mann showcases one hundred and sixty artifacts, with important loans also from abroad that tell the story of these men-symbols of Roman times. Six sections starting from the end of these great protagonists: “From the funeral of the heroes to the duel for the dead”, “The weapons of the Gladiators”, “From the mythical hunt to the venationes”, “Life as Gladiators”, “The Amphitheaters of Campania “,” The Gladiators “everywhere”.
During the live streaming presentation from the Sala della Meridiana of the Archaeological Museum, the director Paolo Giulierini recalled the collective origin of the great exhibition: “The gladiators testified that they wanted to subvert the rules of power starting from an assumption: united we win. So we did with the cultural institutions around this project. As soon as you can physically access “we will raise hell” as before “. And then: “An integral part of the itinerary is the technological” seventh section “which, significantly entitled” Gladiatorimania “and concentrated in the New Arm of the Museum, constitutes a real didactic and informative tool to make accessible to all, adults and children, the different themes of the exhibition “.

“Gladiators”, therefore, is the result of an intense interinstitutional scientific network: the first stage of the exhibition was presented at the Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig and was born from the desire to narrate the fortune of ancient shows in all areas of the Roman Empire; today, the exhibition at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples is enriched by the focus on the Campania Amphitheaters.

The partnerships include the Colosseum Archaeological Park, which is joined to Mann by a memorandum of understanding to enhance the common cultural programming. “Gladiators”. The exhibition then concludes a research path that included the collaboration with the Archaeological Park of Pompeii – for which the new director Gabriel Zuchtriegel, former director of Paestum, from where some important plates arrive – intervened for the creation of exhibition itineraries on the links between the ancient Vesuvian city and the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Etruscans and Rome.

To close the morning the governor Vincenzo De Luca because the “Gladiators” exhibition was promoted with the support of the Campania Region and will have ad hoc insights into the Digital Ecosystem for Culture of the Campania Region ( “Gladiators – he said – is one of the extraordinary events to which we are proud to have collaborated such as the exhibitions of Canova and even before that of the Longobards. From Velia onwards, Campania is the region where epistemology was born. Between Lazio and Campania, in 150 kilometers there is the largest tourist cultural district in the world. It would be nice if this suggestion even reached the Italian government. The Costa Domitia was then the Las Vegas of those times and with the gladiators we breathe the atmosphere of that era. Giulierini has important things for next month such as the completion of the restoration of Alexander the Great’s mosaic. This exhibition is a sign of hope for Italy “

Partner of the exhibition is Intesa Sanpaolo. The scientific project of the exhibition is curated by Valeria Sampaolo (former Curator of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples), while the coordination is by Laura Forte. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog published by Electa.

March 31, 2021 | 12:40

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