All the unfulfilled promises by the Taliban in Afghanistan – Violence, human rights violations, broken promises. A year after the Taliban returned to control of Afghanistan, Amnesty International documented the situation in the country in a report.

The organization’s work highlights widespread impunity for crimes such as torture, retaliatory killings and forced evictions of those who oppose the Taliban.

In the document “A year of violence, impunity and false promises”, Amnesty notes that the situation on the ground is completely different from what Taliban leaders had anticipated in August 2021when they ensured that women’s rights would be respected and freedom of the press, among other aspects.


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“They have publicly pledged to protect and promote human rights. But the speed at which they are dismantling 20 years of human rights advances is astounding,” said Yamini Mishra, Amnesty International’s regional director for South Asia. “Any hope of change – he added – has vanished while the Taliban try to govern through violent repression with total impunity “.

The Taliban have restricted the right to education, darkening the future of millions of Afghan girls, says Amnesty International, which further warns that authorities “subject women to escalating violence”, sometimes to punish their relatives. Dozens of women have been detained and tortured for participating in peaceful protests to claim their rights, amid growing restrictions that have deprived them of their freedoms, the humanitarian organization describes.

“We must not stand by and watch as the human rights of an entire population collapse. A strong, meaningful and united international response is the only hope of ending the nightmare that the Afghan people have been experiencing for a year,” Mishra said. .

Over the past twelve months, AI has received “widespread reports” of Taliban soldiers beating and torturing people they believe have broken the Taliban edicts or accuse them of working with the previous government. Hundreds of civilians were arbitrarily detained.

Many are beaten with rifle butts or flogged during arrest“, the report states. More than 80 journalists have been detained and tortured for reporting peaceful protests over the past year.

Amnesty International also stresses the excessive use of force by the Afghan authorities as they try to impose a ban on peaceful protests. In several large cities, security forces dispersed peaceful protests by beating and shooting unarmed protesters.

A few weeks after the Taliban took power, Amesty learned of cases of non-Pashtun Afghans being forcibly evicted from their homes and land so that the Taliban could reward their supporters with lands seized from other ethnic groups such as Hazara, Turkmen and Uzbeks.

The humanitarian organization is aware of reports of evictions across the country and, in June 2022, the UN estimated that the number of displaced Afghans had risen to over 820,000. In the end, the reporting of the killing of 13 ethnic Hazara people, including a 17-year-old girl, in Daikundi province in August 2021.


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