All this on pizza dough? Frowning dominoes

All this on pizza dough? Frowning dominoes

BENGALURU: A photo taken from a popular pizza restaurant, Domino’s, has left onlookers scowling.

A video of a mop that helps to clean the floor, a mop that hits the floor and finally a brush that cleans the toilet on a container that holds pizza dough balls and that too touching the dough balls has shocked the pizza lovers.

A Twitter user named Shahil Karnani shared a photo of the last Domino’s Pizza in Bengaluru.

Also, this is how Domino’s Pizza sells brand new pizzas. He has also posted in it that it is very bad.

Apart from that, the Food Safety and Standards Commission of India, Union Health Department and Karnataka Health Minister have also been connected.

The famous Domino’s has issued a report on this. This incident has been brought to our attention as Domino’s Pizzas are manufactured following world class safety protocols. It has been assured that appropriate action will be taken against this restaurant and any lapse in quality and cleanliness will not be tolerated in any way.


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