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The first deadline is May 1st. By that date “all Americans must be in a position to receive the vaccine.” Then on July 4th, the feast of Independence and, hopefully, of “almost normalcy”. These are the new promises of Joe Biden, who gave his first speech to the nation on Thursday, live from the White House.

Twenty minutes full of numbers. One way to communicate a change of pace in the fight against the pandemic: “I will give orders to states, territories and tribes to make all American adult citizens eligible to receive the anti-Covid vaccine no later than May 1st”.

This means that, within a month and a half, all categories considered at risk will have already been immunized and then you can proceed with the carpet administration: “If we all do our duty, if we do it together, there is a good chance that on July 4th, you, your families, your friends will be able to celebrate Independence Day with a barbecue. July 4th could have something really special: it would be Independence Day from the virus ».

The president tried to break through public opinion, recalling the number of deaths from the pandemic and touching the more intimate side of personal life: «We have lost wives, husbands, children, parents. But also a long time of our life. The details that matter: birthday parties, the first date, hours with friends ».

Then he went on to explain the strategy: from the mobilization of the military to the agreement with pharmacies, up to the recruitment of vaccinators even among medical students, dentists, veterinarians. “With these tools we will further increase the average of vials administered, we will exceed two million, and we will hit the target of 100 million immunized Americans 40 days early compared to my commitment of 100 million vaccinated within the first 100 days of my mandate (i.e. March 21 instead of April 30, ed)».

A thought for the school: «We will give priority to the vaccination of teachers and staff, including bus drivers. We will reopen elementary and middle schools by the end of May ». Can something go wrong? “There are always unknowns, for example the variants. But we will come out even stronger ».

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