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Have 3.8 billion phone numbers been stolen from clubhouse users and put up for sale on the Darknet?

IT security expert Marc Ruef discovered the offer in a darknet forum and shared a screenshot of it on Twitter. There the user “God” offers the huge data package for sale – including cell phone, landline and business phone numbers.

In the package are not only the data of users themselves, but also the phone numbers from their contact books. Because: Whoever downloads Clubhouse gives the app access to the phone numbers of their friends and family.

#Clubhouse is up for sale on the #Darknet. It contains 3.8 billion phone numbers. These are not just members but also people in contact lists that were synced. Chances are high that you are listed even if you haven’t had a Clubhouse login.

— Marc Ruef (@mruef) July 23, 2021

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Clubhouse denies the theft of data, explains on BILD request: “There was no attack on Clubhouse”. Whoever tried to tap into the app would not receive any information that could be used to identify users, the company assures.

The fact that clubhouse users’ phone numbers end up in the darknet (a protected area of ​​the Internet that can only be accessed via certain browsers) is a “mathematical coincidence”. The operators assume that bots automatically generate cell phone numbers using random number combinations.

Clubhouse was launched in March 2020 and most recently had around two million users. The app works like a kind of digital panel discussion. There are several rooms in which listeners can listen to moderated conversations and speak up using a digital hand signal.



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