#allesaufdentisch: According to the court, YouTube should NOT have deleted Corona videos – domestic politics

The anti-government artists of the campaign #allesaufdentisch get right against YouTube in court!

The Google-owned platform YouTube had deleted several videos in which actors and other artists talk to scientists about corona and criticize the government’s pandemic policy.

The initiators took legal action against this – and they were successful! The Cologne Regional Court decided by means of an injunction that the deletion of the videos by YouTube was unlawful.

BILD has received the court order. Accordingly, the deletion of the videos in which the artists interviewed the Leipzig mathematics professor Stephan Luckhaus (68) and the neurobiologist Gerald Hüther (70) was “not justified”.

The court also justified the decision with the vague justifications from YouTube. Because: The video platform had only explained to the channel operators of #allesaufdentisch that the videos “violate our guidelines on medical misinformation”.

Allegedly problematic are “allegations about vaccinations against Covid-19, which contradict the unanimous opinion of experts from local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO)”.

Court: YouTube’s reasoning is far too vague

YouTube did not explain which statements were specifically classified as problematic – not even when asked by BILD.

The court criticized the fact that the artists were not informed “which passage of the video is said to have violated the guidelines”, “so that the Chamber was not able to verify this”.

Even more: YouTube is only allowed to delete videos if there is “obvious, at first glance recognizable medical misinformation”, without naming specific problematic passages. The deleted videos from #allesaufdentisch are “longer videos” that “also contain a large number of clearly permissible statements”.

Lawyer Joachim Steinhöfel (59) told BILD: “Civil Chamber 28 of the Cologne Regional Court made it clear to the censorship machinery of the monopoly YouTube within hours that the rule of law boundaries had been exceeded here.”

That’s what the initiators say #allesaufdentisch

The initiators of #allesaufdentisch, Volker Bruch (41, “Tatort”) and Jeana Paraschiva, announced legal action against YouTube in BILD on Sunday: “We’re trying to get into conversation with people. This is democracy. Wiping out our voices is the sad opposite of that. “



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