Allowed for RSS procession on Oct 2; Ban on carry of gunpowder, lathi, weapons: Court instructions

CHENNAI: After granting permission to the RSS procession on October 2, the court has directed that weapons such as sticks and lathis, which can cause injury, should not be carried. On the occasion of the 75th year of India’s Independence Day, Ambedkar’s birth centenary and Vijaya Dasami, a procession is being held on Oct. 2 by the RSS movement at 51 places in Tamil Nadu.

The High Court also ordered that the police should give permission for this procession by September 28. It was also informed that a detailed order would be issued regarding the conditions for the procession. In that regard, the court gave the following conditions to the RSS community: No one participating in the procession should speak ill of any individual, any caste, religion etc.

Do not speak or express any opinion related to organizations banned by the Government of India for any reason. No club, club or weapon capable of causing injury shall be carried. Event organizers should make necessary arrangements for drinking water, first aid, ambulance, portable toilet, surveillance cameras, fire extinguishers etc. as per the guidelines of police and local bodies.

Continue the procession to the left only in the permitted lane. Do not stop on the way or obstruct traffic. Only one-fourth of the road should be used for the parade. Event organizers should have enough volunteers to help the police to regulate the traffic and parade. It is the responsibility of the event organizers to ensure that the parade takes place only on the route sanctioned by the police.

Only box type loudspeakers should be used. Conical loudspeakers should not be used for any reason. The participants in the procession should not hurt the sentiments of religion, language, culture and other groups in any way. An undertaking to reimburse the cost of damage to public or private property and an undertaking to undertake compensation or replacement costs. In case of violation of any of these conditions of court, the concerned police are free to take necessary action. Thus the condition is given.


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