Almost 10 million Germany tickets sold after one month

Almost 10 million Germany tickets sold after one month

2023-05-31 02:36:51

EA month after the start of the Germany tariff, around ten million people took out a subscription for a Germany ticket. This was reported by the editorial network Germany (RND) on Wednesday, citing new figures from the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV). According to this, around five of the ten million customers are so-called switchers who have switched from their existing subscriptions to the German tariff.

According to the association, another 4.3 million passengers are new subscribers who previously bought single tickets or monthly tickets without a subscription. Around 700,000 people are new customers.

VDV President Ingo Wortmann assumes that the sales figures will continue to rise due to the change in tariffs. The number of people who switch from existing subscriptions to the Deutschlandticket will increase significantly in the coming weeks, he told RND.

Wortmann also called for the expansion of local public transport services. “The expansion and modernization of the overall public transport system must remain at the top of the political agenda. In addition to the Germany ticket, we also need the Germany offer in public transport,” said the association president.

The VDV will talk to the federal and state governments about nationwide improvements in public transport, he announced. The Deutschlandticket is not enough for many people who do not find adequate bus and train services locally to be able to permanently switch to public transport.

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